As the California legislature closes out the 2020-2022 legislative session, which concludes at the end of this month, C.A.R. is strongly opposing two bills currently before the legislature — SB 1105 (Hueso) and SB 679 (Kamlager). Both bills create housing agencies with the power to impose a range of new property taxes on homeowners. SB 1105 is particularly concerning as it grants an unelected six-member body broad power to unilaterally raise a very wide range of taxes on homeowners and real property generally.

C.A.R. obviously does not oppose the creation of housing, but local government can already pursue projects to build and promote housing and even raise taxes, so these unelected agencies are duplicative, costly, and harmful to property owners. The taxes that the agencies could impose would make owning a home more expensive in a time of serious economic stress and rising prices and would also put homeownership further out of reach for California’s working families.

C.A.R. members can take action to help defeat these bills by sharing this link with their clients and asking them to use the website to tell their legislators they oppose new housing taxes. They can also ask their clients, friends, and family to TAKE ACTION and continue posting on social media using the sample posts available here under Action Center.